More ideas and theories on consciousness and reality

David Bohm

has contributed much to metaphysical discussion. This is a condensation of his work, from which How Consciousness Creates Reality is inspired, too.

Seth's Concepts

Quotes from Jane Roberts' famous Seth Material as well as a Seth Bookstore and the Seth Network International.

The Philosophy of Mysticism:
Perennialism and Constructivism

 Randolph T. Dible II develops a solution inspired by the Laws of Form with similiarities to my approach.

This short paper by Roderick Malcolm MacLeod leads to my concept of dynamic existence. However, it still lacks infinitesimality structure.

The Grand Universe of Primary Consciousness

Michael Spirit presents his inspired theory on primary consciousness resembling
infinitesimality structure.

Journal of Consciousness Exploration
& Research

JCER is a publication in which scientists, philosophers and other learned scholars publish their research results and express their views on the nature, origin and mechanism of consciousness.

Scientific God Journal

The purpose and mission of SGJ are to conduct scientific inquiries on the nature and origins of life, mind, physical laws and mathematics and their possible connections to a scientifically approachable transcendental ground of existence.

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