How Consciousness Creates Reality


Dynamic Consciousness and the Reality of Free Will

by Claus Janew

How Consciosuness Creates Reality

The present text is a very abridged version of a book I wrote out of the desire to examine the structure of our reality from a standpoint unbiased by established teachings, be they academic-scientific, popular-esoteric, or religious in nature. We will begin with seemingly simple interactions in our daily lives, examine how they originate on a deeper level, come to understand the essentials of consciousness, and finally recognize that we create our reality in its entirety. In the course of this quest, we will uncover little-heeded paths to accessing our subconscious, other individuals, and that which can be understood by the term "God". And the solution to the classical problem of free will constitutes the gist of the concepts thus revealed.

Consciousness (Zoom)

This print edition contains the e-book of the same name as well as additional articles on

Omnipresent Consciousness and
Free Will

This is not an attempt to explain consciousness in terms basically of quantum physics or neuro-biology. Instead I should like to place the term "Consciousness" on a broader footing. I shall use the term in such a general way as to resolve the question whether only a human being enjoys consciousness, or even a thermostat. Whilst the difference is considerable, it is not fundamental. Also, the problems associated with a really conscious decision do not disappear by mixing determination with a touch of coincidence. Both must enter into a higher unity. In so doing it will emerge that a certain degree of freedom of choice (or free will) is just as omnipresent as consciousness - an inherent part of reality itself.







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Dynamic Existence

What is real? What is creation?

Interconnection is established by the alternation of the focus of consciousness. Therefore, in a world in which everything is interconnected, all focuses must reciprocally transition into each other. "Reality" is a common "goal", a focus which all participants can switch into and which is conscious to them as such, as a potential one. Its "degree of reality" is the probability of its fully becoming conscious. Thus, a reality is created when all participants increase its probability or, respectively, their consciousness of it.

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Consciousness and Reality

Focus dynamic, physicalism, Laws of Form, and more summaries

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More ideas and theories on consciousness and reality

Dialogue on

Alternating Consciousness

From Perception to Infinities and Back to Free Will

Can we trace back consciousness, reality, awareness, and free will to a single basic structure without giving up any of them? This dialogue founds consciousness and freedom of choice on the basis of a new reality concept. Just the simplest distinction is not static, but a constant alternation of perspectives. From its entirety and movement, however, there arises freedom of choice. Although decisions ultimately involve the whole universe, they are free in varying degrees also here and now. The unity and openness of the infinite enables the individual to be creative while this creativity directly and indirectly enters into all other individuals without impeding them.  

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